"The project is a search for shared listening, artistic interaction and agreement between creators from culturally and socially different backgrounds, in order to live a unique experience. By taking inspiration from water and its ability to change its consistency, how can the body express a true dynamic energy? This work is done in tribute to Odile Duboc who explores the imaginary conceptions of water during its creation, as well as to one of Heraclitus’s precepts: 'Only one thing is constant, permanent: change."

Etienne Veillon

Friend, dancer, performer

"Gentleness, lyricism, levitation and ecstasy blossom through this dance. The atmosphere alternates between tribal and shamanic vibes and revitalizes the movement. All these particularities ​​intrigue, attract the eye and give strong emotions through different dimensions. Marine depth, ectoplasm, pulsation and rhythm as well as loneliness under the stars, rituality of dancing, inaccessible areas of our human consciousness - these are some of the images that come to mind during that show. A creation drawn from Heraclitus’s concept "panta rhei", ("all things flow"); the spectator plunges into a philosophical universe constructed and expressed with gesture and sublime sound."

Monika Żmijewska

Journalist, Białystok Gazeta



"Le Flux has philosophy at its source. The audience is encouraged to deepen its conceptual thinking. Or in somes cases, incited to develop it from scratch. All are solicited to enjoy a complete show, graceful and captivating. Context explanation remains idle as notions of the constant and continual creation, the unpredictable nature of life and fluidity call for all our senses ... viscerally"


Agnieszka Dziedzic

Journalist, Teatralia


Premiere in Poland : may 2014, Białystok, Modern Art Days Festival ; Concept and directing : Julia Dondziło ; Dance : Julia Dondziło, Stéphanie Gineau, Véronique Lemonnier, Assan Beyeck-Rifoe ; Music : Miss God ; Video : Maëlle Bertrand ; Costumes : Elwira Horosz ; Graphics : Damis Levasseur ; Teaser : facebook.com/zetstudios


Preview in France : april 2014, La Semaine des Arts Festival and performance at the Amphithéâtre de Paris 8.

Concept and directing: Julia Dondziło ; Choreography : Colibri Cottier, Julia Dondziło, Mélinda Schons, Stéphanie Gineau ; Music : Miss God ; Video : Maëlle Bertrand ; Costumes : Elwira Horosz ; Graphics: Damis Levasseur ; Teaser: Pixels en scène / Sébastien Dumont : www.pixelsenscene.com


Partnerships and subsidies : the project is funded by the Białystok City Council (PL) and the FSDIE (FR).