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"Balance between the contemporary world, tradition, universality and locality; a link between past, present and future emerges throughout this performance. A new approach of tradition that brings freshness and originality."

​Andrzej Bajguz

Journalist "Radio Białystok”

"The project aims at creating an experimental space, an interaction between contemporary dance, traditional music and scenography inspired by the weaving process. This idea of ​​intertwining contemporary art with elements of the Polish tradition is a particular artistic endeavor worth promoting both in the country and abroad."

Marta Rau

Dean of the Academy of Dramatic Art


"A relationship filled with magic and poetry is born between these two dance weavers. A strong bond is woven with the material - ribbons of fabric. Scenography in harmony with music take us into an unknown universe which one does not want to leave anymore. It resonates long after the show has ended and allows us to get back to it in our dreams."

                                                                                                            Urszula Kryluk

                                                                            Journalist “Gazeta Współczesna”


Concept et choreography : Julia Dondziło ; Interpretation : Julia Dondziło, Judith Desse ; Music : Ilona Karpiuk-Dąbrowska, Luca Gaigher ; Voice : Teresa Pryzmont ; Scenography : Agnieszka Kacprzak, Łukasz Szczepanowicz ; Costumes : Maryna Sztark ; Recording and mix : Radosław Dąbrowski ; Photographs: Agnieszka Kacprzak ; Video : Tomasz Pienicki.

Premiere : January 2015, Białystok ; Stage of the School for Advanced Studies of Puppets Theatre, Białystok/Poland.


Partnerships and subsidies : the project is funded by the Białystok City Council (PL), the local authorities of Podlaskie (PL) and the FSDIE (FR).


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